The Academia dos Renascidos is a musical group founded in 2011 by Alberto Pacheco and Andrea Teixeira.  It has been performing regularly since then, attracting other musicians. The name of the group is a tribute to the Academia Brasílica dos Renascidos, founded in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, in 1759, and whose objective was to promote the literary production of that city. It is thus evident that the musical group is interested in the relations between music and literature, and especially in the chamber or domestic repertoire produced in the territory of the former Portuguese-Brazilian empire, such as modinhas, lundus, hinos, and recitativos de salão. It is "Academia dos Renascidos" (lit. Academy of the reborn) because its main objective is to give new life to songs that remain silenced in the archives. Therefore, the group takes personal commitment to make at least a "modern debut" per concert.

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